True Blood

06/11/2010 - 9:05pm
Tara is a mess after losing Eggs. Lafayette takes good care of her, but Tara just wants her mama. Lettie Mae, still sober and with a reverend in tow, stays with Tara while Lafayette is at work. "Feeling better," Tara goes to take a shower -- but instead swallows a bottle of pills. Lafayette gets there in the nick o' time.
09/14/2009 - 5:23pm
Picking up precisely where we left off two weeks ago, Sookie is accosted by Lafayette, who makes her strip and put on a flowing white gown. Tara takes the egg downstairs, while Eggs brings Sookie. Maryann is waiting, wearing Gran's wedding dress. Tara, Jane, Arlene, and Lafayette all wear similar white gowns. Tonight is Maryann's wedding night, and Sookie is her maid of honor. She explains that she is marrying her god tonight, and Sam will be sacrificed to bring him.
08/31/2009 - 8:00pm
Bill visits the Vampire Queen, looking for her help to quash Maryann. The queen, a jovial sort, would rather feast on cabana boys, make bawdy comments about the days when sex was better, and play Yahtzee. She finally gives up the details on Maenads.
08/24/2009 - 3:52pm
Sookie returns from watching Godric's immolation. Instead of going to Bill, she goes to Eric, comforting him, kissing him, revealing her neck to him… and she wakes, dreaming again, as she and Jason head back to Bon Temps, Bill tucked away in his travel coffin. They pull up to town, and discover it a war zone.
08/17/2009 - 9:00pm
Luke wastes no time blowing up Godric's party. Bill, who had escorted Lorena out, runs when he sees the explosion. Eric threw himself on top of Sookie to save her. She is fine, so Bill runs off to help others. Eric convinces Sookie that she needs to suck the silver bullets from his skin, or else he will die. Disgusted, Sookie digs in, spitting out as much blood as she can.
08/11/2009 - 6:04pm
Godric, despite being a peace-loving vampire, snaps Gabe's neck the moment he pulls him off Sookie. As the church alarms sound, he directs Eric to lead Sookie to safety – and spill no blood on the way.
08/03/2009 - 9:00pm
Still locked in the church basement, Sookie is trying to calm down a very claustrophobic Hugo. Steve comes in – with Gabe as backup – friendly as can be. All he wants are a few questions answered, which Hugo is all too eager to give up. In fact, he starts offering up information before Steve can ask for it.
07/28/2009 - 8:00pm
Isabel wants to send her human, Hugo, with Sookie to infiltrate the Church of the Light. They play engaged couple Rufus and Holly, who are looking for a new church. They left the church they met at because their pastor was a vampire sympathizer. Sookie reads off Steve that they have a vamp locked in the basement for use in a ritual.
07/20/2009 - 2:00pm
Sookie desperately tries to befriend Barry the Mind-Reading Bellhop, but he's too freaked out by his own power and refuses to talk to her. She, Bill and Eric meet up with Stan and Isabel, their Dallas vampire liaisons.