Anabelle Sets Release Date
Bounce Below
Trampoline inside a massive cavern
04/10/2013 - 6:00pm
Holliston star Dee Snider's son, Cody Blue Snider, has a darkly comedic short that is debuting in competition at the Tribeca Film Festival.
04/10/2013 - 5:00pm
In news that will surprise no one, Yvonne Strahovski has officially signed on to return to Dexter for its eighth and final season.
04/10/2013 - 4:00pm
Australian artist DrFaustusAU has taken the classic Dr. Seuss style and mixed in some classic horror, resulting in a frightfully faithful way to introduce your kids to scary stuff.
04/10/2013 - 3:00pm
Bryan Fuller, Martha De Laurentiis, and David Slade talk about bringing "Hannibal" to the small screen.
04/10/2013 - 2:00pm
Charles Band, horror filmmaker and original head of Wizard Video back in its heyday, has been re-releasing some pretty cool big box titles and cashing in on horror fans’ nostalgia for the chunky and clunky VHS tapes of the '80s.
04/10/2013 - 1:00pm
Before there was The Evil Dead, there was Sam Raimi’s short film Within the Woods.
04/10/2013 - 12:00pm
District 9’s Neill Blomkamp is mixing social commentary and futuristic action once again in his upcoming sci-fi film Elysium.
04/10/2013 - 11:00am
On March 29th, the city of Da Nang in Vietnam brought a fire-breathing dragon into their country. No, really.
04/09/2013 - 8:00pm
Today has been a popular day for exorcism movie news. Beware the Night has just added Olivia Munn, Eric Bana, and Edgar Ramirez to the cast.
04/09/2013 - 7:00pm
Stitches has all the makings to become a cult classic: gross-out kills, dark humor, and clowns. Evil clowns. We spoke to writer/director Conor McMahon and star Tommy Knight about what makes clowns so frightfully funny and