Japan's Suicide Forest
100's have taken there lives in these woods
Top 10 Body Horror Films
03/06/2013 - 3:00pm
When an Antarctic expedition comes upon a series of undiscovered islands, the scientists on board must investigate. On these islands, they find plant and animal life unlike anything anywhere else on earth.
03/06/2013 - 2:00pm
Troma Entertainment has been around since 1974, when college friends Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz founded the fiercely independent film studio. The pair met at Yale. Since its inception, the studio has become one of the largest independent film studios and distributors in The United States.
03/06/2013 - 1:30pm
What is it about clowns that makes them so darned terrifying? I mean, they're supposed to be mild, fun entertainment for children and yet we almost always think of them as malevolent. Well, if you're ready for another killer clown movie, one with a touch of stark black humor then prepare yourselves for 'Stitches' from director Conor McMahon!
03/06/2013 - 1:00pm
This direct-to-video movie may not be high on your list, but we assure you, House IV is worth a watch, if only for the possessed pizza scene.
03/06/2013 - 12:00pm
Even the Brits love some Walking Dead.
03/06/2013 - 11:00am
As you can probably tell by reading this series, I’m a wuss. I’m scared of most things and I have a weak stomach when it comes to real life gore and bodily fluids.
03/06/2013 - 10:00am
In tonight's double-elimination episode, the contestants create new species with bioluminescence.
03/05/2013 - 8:00pm
FEARnet's resident film guru will appear on two movie-themed panel discussions at this year's South By Southwest Festival, each one a must-see for horror movie fans. Details inside!
03/05/2013 - 7:00pm
FEARnet is bringing a special guest to this weekend's convention in New Jersey: Actor John Kassir, the voice of the hell-arious host of “Tales From The Crypt.”
03/05/2013 - 6:00pm
Rod Serling put it best, “Sometimes the least likely objects can be filled with the most likely horror.”