01/04/2013 - 3:00pm
Even when he’s made of clay, Leatherface makes a serious mess.
01/04/2013 - 2:00pm

New comic book Wednesday has come and gone. The dust at your local comic shop has settled. An eerie silence descends as you finish reading your last superhero book of the week.

01/04/2013 - 1:00pm
...those who’ve already tamed the wild streets of Arkham City may wonder if it’s worth a revisit. The answer, much like the disfigured Harvey Dent, is quite two-faced.
01/04/2013 - 12:00pm
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a cinematic legacy that is long, colorful, and pretty darn terrible.
01/04/2013 - 10:59am
First off, let’s just take a moment to give thanks for December 31, 1941, the day that Sean S. Cunningham, the creator of the Friday the 13th franchise was born. Do you think his first words were "ch-ch-ch- ma-ma-ma"?
01/03/2013 - 8:26pm
Check out the latest red band look at The Evil Dead reboot.
01/03/2013 - 7:14pm
If you've been keeping tabs on the FEARnet website, then you'd know that we did something really special for our New Year's Eve 'Tales From The Crypt' marathon. We brought the Cryptkeeper back to life!
01/03/2013 - 6:00pm
Persona 4 Golden has me partying like it’s 1999.
01/03/2013 - 5:00pm
As I mentioned in yesterday’s wrap-up of Platinum Dunes’ remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it didn’t seem like the team behind that film were thinking in terms of “franchise” when they set about to re-introduce Leatherface to a brand new audience.
01/03/2013 - 4:00pm
Anchor Bay just announced that they will release Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead on DVD and Blu-Ray February 12.