Anabelle Sets Release Date
Bounce Below
Trampoline inside a massive cavern
11/15/2012 - 5:30pm
In the "no surprises here" category, FX has picked up American Horror Story for a third season (or "cycle," as the network is calling it to differentiate it as a "miniseries" as opposed to a "TV series.")
11/15/2012 - 5:00pm
Family feuds are a huge part of the history and folklore of this country. The Hatfield and McCoy families alone have accounted for endless books, television shows and punch lines.
11/15/2012 - 4:00pm

Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of a kabillion Twi-hards weeping sparkly tears as Breaking Dawn: Part 2 opens late tonight and the Twilight Saga comes to a close.

11/15/2012 - 3:00pm
One of the most extreme "haunted houses" in the country, Blackout Haunted House goes beyond zombies and clowns that jump out at you. You must walk through alone and sign a waiver allowing people to touch you. It
11/15/2012 - 2:01pm

The first clip from the long-awaited Texas Chainsaw 3D has hit the interwebz - and it's a doozy.

11/15/2012 - 2:00pm
In the latest episode of Shock Waves Pocast FEARnet's Lawrence P. Raffel and Shock Till You Drop's Ryan Turek are joined by Horror Movie A Day / Badass Digest's Brian Collins and Fangoria's Sam Zimmerman.
11/15/2012 - 1:00pm
Even gorier than before, take a look at the just-released The ABCs of Death red band trailer. It’s totally NSFW.
11/15/2012 - 12:00pm
We learn more about Anne Frank and Bloody Face.
11/15/2012 - 11:00am
We are back on the Kevin Tran train, and Castiel is back.
11/14/2012 - 8:00pm

Ebay seller popsfartberger sells some awesome, vintage-style action figures from some of our favorite films and franchises like Friday the 13th, My Bloody Valentine, Jaws, The Evil Dead, and The Th