Anabelle Sets Release Date
Bounce Below
Trampoline inside a massive cavern
08/27/2012 - 1:30pm
The next chapter of the Starship Troopers odyssey launches tomorrow, but you can catch an exclusive sneak-peek of the animated adventure right here on FEARnet. A distant Federation outpost Fort Casey comes under attack
08/27/2012 - 1:00pm

The news that Stephen King would not be publishing a new book in the fall/winter of 2012 was met with some dismay.  This isn’t entirely fans’ fault, with their high expectatio

08/27/2012 - 12:00pm
In most horror films that deal with the apocalypse, the “end of days” is just a stark and effective setting for zombie (or other monster) attacks, but once in a while you come across a film that is actually fascinated by the horribly sobering concept of… the end of civilization.
08/27/2012 - 11:00am
Eric and Sookie raid the Authority, and lots of people die. Lots.
08/24/2012 - 8:00pm
“Nazis on the moon.” With a tag line like that, do you really need to know more about Iron Sky to know that you need to see it?
08/24/2012 - 7:00pm
Revisit Haddonfield with a behind-the-scenes featurette that will be on Shout! Factory's release of Halloween II.
08/24/2012 - 6:00pm

Season two of Falling Skies only ended a few days ago, but they have already announced new additions to the cast.

08/24/2012 - 5:00pm

Fan demanded screenings are huge and now you can request Sinister in your town ahead of the October 5th wide release.

08/24/2012 - 4:00pm

Today you get not one, but two teasers for American Horror Story: Asylum (I obviously missed yesterday's video).

First up: "Glass Prison:"