12/13/2011 - 9:10am

I'm beginning to dislike these end-of-year lists at

12/13/2011 - 5:03am

Kills are always the most a

12/12/2011 - 10:55pm

Swedish gothic/death metal unit Avatar made their

12/12/2011 - 10:28pm

Photo by Paul Brown

12/12/2011 - 6:33pm

Travis seems to think the world is coming to an end.

12/12/2011 - 6:07pm

Once upon a time there was a terrible little indie fi

12/12/2011 - 5:08pm

Ready or not, the Men in Black are back

12/12/2011 - 12:19pm

The Last of Us premiered a

12/12/2011 - 5:36am

With new CGI-animated epics assaulting us almost every week

12/12/2011 - 4:53am

Last week I spoke with Robert Kirkman, creator of The W