Lance Rocket

Lance Rockett is the front man of the local Van Halen tribute band Diver Down, and the head of the cable station where Adam and Joe work... which also makes Lance their boss. Stuck in the ‘80s, and consistently rocking leather pants, spandex shirts and teased blonde hair, this walking cloud of Aquanet clings to the belief that “something big” is right around the corner, and that glam is coming back. Lance is just as serious about his job at the station as he is about his music, running the business with a healthy dose of excitement and threats, and endlessly micromanaging Adam and Joe. Although the guys know everything about his music ventures, Lance’s personal life is tightly under wraps, keeping the details of his sexual preferences frustratingly ambiguous and doused in innuendo.

Oderus Urungus

A figment of Adam’s imagination, Oderus is the warped Jiminy Cricket to Adam’s Pinocchio, and the exact opposite of everything a guardian angel should be. The foul-smelling Oderus lives in Adam’s closet, occasionally emerging to offer sincere-yet-terrible advice on life and love. Fortunately, Adam can usually see through it and glean some wisdom to help him with his dilemma.


Hard-working and a little high-strung, Adam is the hopeless romantic of the group. Ceaselessly dating, in an attempt to fill the void left by Corri—the childhood love that he has never gotten over—Adam goes through more girls than the killer in THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE. This has gotten him into some pretty precarious situations, with a list of lovers that includes psychos, hookers and scream queen Danielle Harris. Adam shares an apartment with Joe, his best friend, co-worker, and partner-in-crime. Together, the two have set out to escape their job at the local public access channel, and become big- time horror filmmakers.


Adam’s best friend since first grade, where they bonded over a love of Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, Joe is the driving force behind the duo—constantly cooking up a variety of ideas and schemes to help get their films made. Cheap and relentless, Joe will do whatever he can to save a buck. He constantly pushes Adam’s hot buttons, and leans on the support of his girlfriend, Laura, whom he has been serious with since the two were first introduced by Adam and Corri in college. Sometimes uncouth, but always loyal, Joe keeps the Adam and Joe duo committed to their dream of genre stardom.


Witty and intelligent, Corri is Adam’s first love—the one that got away. The two were high school sweethearts until the relationship was cut short in college, when Corri decided she needed some “space.” Since returning to Holliston for a nursing position at Boston’s Mass General Hospital, the two have struck up an awkward friendship. Beautiful and single, she still drives Adam crazy, as the lovestruck lothario continues to pursue her... with varying results.


As cute as she is morbid, beneath Laura’s tiny exterior lies the soul of an artist... a dark and twisted soul, that leads her to create horrific paintings so disturbing, they even make Adam and Joe cringe. Laura is the little Latina who has captured Joe’s heart, and is his biggest supporter—both romantically and financially. Joe returns the favor, encouraging her to follow her passion for painting and by being her biggest champion.

  • Lance Rocket
  • Oderus Urungus
  • Adam
  • Joe
  • Corri
  • Laura