Bert “Sock” Wysocki

Known by his nickname, Sock is Sam’s right hand man when it comes to battling escaped souls, but also Sam’s closest friend. Sock also “works” at the Work Bench as an associate, but where he lacks on work performance, he excels at sleeping on the job and overall laziness. However, when it comes to capturing escaped souls, his bravery and strength come in quite handy when needed. When he’s not busy capturing souls, Sock enjoys playing video games, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and attempting to “pick-up” the ladies.

Sam Oliver

A once normal, twenty-something year old slacker, Sam lived a fairly uneventful life. Little did he know, years before he was born, his parents sold his soul to The Devil. Spending his days slaving at the Work Bench, his life was turned upside down on his 21st birthday. It was then The Devil gained control of his soul, owning Sam for all eternity. The Devil gave Sam the task of hunting down escaped souls from Hell using various vessels and sending them back to where they belonged. With the help of his friends, Sam must not only deal with the escaped souls, but also The Devil’s usual trickery.

Ben Gonzalez

The third part of the soul capturing trio, Ben uses his intellect of random facts to help Sam get the job done. Ben is also an associate at the Work Bench, who balances work and soul hunting similar to that of Sam and Sock. Though, he manages to get injured on a majority of the hunts, Ben still plays a very useful role in capturing souls. His personal goal is to find true love and at times enlists Sock to help him, which isn’t always the best idea. Ben also oddly enough has an unhealthy obsession with rabbits and other small animals.    

Andi Prendergast

One of Sam’s closest friends and love interest, Andi plays a crucial role in Sam’s life., Andi manages to perform much better at her job than the other three male characters and is more career driven. What started off as a close friendship ends up turning into a romantic relationship between Sam and her. Andi is oblivious to Sam’s other line of work, which places a strain on their relationship.

The Devil

Ruler of the underworld, destroyer of all good, The Devil takes much pride in his work and overseeing Sam’s reaper duties. As a smooth talking, suit loving demon, The Devil managed to take ownership of Sam’s soul when he turned 21 and therefore forcibly employing him as a reaper for eternity. As the ruler of Hell, it’s The Devil’s job to make sure escaped soul get right back to Hell where they belong. When not creating havoc, The Devil enjoys tormenting Sam through random teleportation and trickery. On a positive note, The Devil sees Sam as a close companion of his and at times assists Sam with personal issues.   

  • Bert “Sock” Wysocki
  • Sam Oliver
  • Ben Gonzalez
  • Andi Prendergast
  • The Devil