Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension

Season 2

Episode 1
Switching Channels
After everyone in the dull town of Eerie buys satellite dishes at Ted's Cable Stop, Eerie starts becoming strange. These satellite dishes make two dimensions come together, causing all of the eccentricities about Eerie in the past to occur in present day.
Episode 2
The Phantom
Because of weird occurrences within the school, Mitchell and Stanley believe that a phantom haunts the building. Ultimately they discover that it is not a ghost but is actually one of the kids in their school who is so shy he is literally invisible.
Episode 3
Goody Two Shoes People
The Eerie Junior Executives Club is created to improve the work-ethic of children in the town. Grubby, lazy children join the club and magically return home as perfect angels.
Episode 4
Standard Deviation
After a normalcy inspection by the Bureau of Statistics, Mitchell’s family is cited as being "abnormal," and therefore must be fixed. Mitchell learns that the inspector used to be very weird, so Mitchell wants to have her re-live that eccentricity.
Episode 5
Little Buddy Beep Beep
The craze around the town of Eerie is the new toy called Little Buddy Beep Beep. These dolls become so popular that the factory offers mysterious prizes to the people who can best take care of them.
Episode 6
Time Flies
In Eerie, Indiana, time is precious. People hope to gain more time by using the Chronos cappuccino machine. To their surprise, though, this mysterious machine makes time move faster and Mitchell is determined to learn why time seems to be disappearing. 

Episode 7
Last Laugh
Stanley needs help learning to defend himself, so he asks for coaching from "The Lip", a top stand-up comedian. As Stanley studies how to be humorous, he becomes arrogant and his jokes offend the citizens of Eerie.
Episode 8
The Young and the Twitchy
Stag Carnalli, an over-the-top soap opera star, visits Eerie. During his stay in Eerie, Stag bothers Mitchell and the other citizens because of his annoyingly dramatic personality. When Mitchell attempts to stop Stag, he is trapped and sent far away.
Episode 9
Send in the Clones
While working on a science project, Mitchell unintentionally creates a clone of his father as he was when he was 13 years old. Mitchell's young father is obsessed with making objects, such as the school, explode.
Episode 10
Nightmare on Eerie Street
One of the late-night workers at Station WYRD keeps the Eerie citizens awake by making them have nightmares. Because this grumpy worker, The Sandman, can’t sleep, he won't allow anyone else to sleep either.
Episode 11
The Newsroom
At the local newspaper office, Eerie Examiner, Mitchell and Stanley wander into a room where they find a machine that foresees bad news. The machine's next report is a melt-down at the nuclear power plant where Mitchell's mother works.
Episode 12
The stunning Kari is asked to become a poster girl for a new brand of makeup. If Kari uses these products, her good looks will be protected underneath a plastic seal. As people start to buy these cosmetic treatments, Eerie becomes a home for dolls.
Episode 13
I'm Okay, You're Really Weird
After completing his book, "Let's All Be Immature - Embrace Your Inner Two-Year-Old", the author, Siggy Floyd, travels to Eerie on a promotional campaign. While Siggy spends time in the town, the residents of Eerie become younger and younger.
Episode 14
Mr. Lucky
Mitchell wins a wishbone and gains so much luck that everything in his life becomes perfect. This seamless lifestyle, though, is too boring for Mitchell who needs adventure to be happy.
Episode 15
Mythical creatures called jackalopes live in the forests of Eerie. One day a hunter, Shakes Corona, arrives in Eerie to go after these animals. Mitchell unknowingly places himself in danger by deciding to help the jackalopes.

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