Eerie, Indiana

Funhouse - Eerie, Indiana
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Season 1

Episode 1
Marshall must save his family from the clutches of a body snatchers-like cult of kitchenware fanatics who preserve their children's youth by sealing them into human-sized containers.
Episode 2
The Retainer
The Marshall's friend gets an experimental retainer from the weird orthodontist in town, he discovers that the retainer acts as an antenna, allowing him to hear what dogs are thinking.
Episode 3
ATM With a Heart of Gold
Eerie enters the nineties as the town gets its first ATM. When the machine becomes obsessed with Simon's friendship and showers him with cash, Eerie is at risk of going bankrupt.
Episode 4
The Losers
Things seem to disappear in Eerie, so Marshall and Simon set out to lose something on purpose. They discover a vast warehouse under Eerie responsible for all the lost items in the world.
Episode 5
America's Scariest Home Videos
Marshall and Simon are trying to get Simon's baby brother to do something dangerous for a home video contest when lightning strikes the house, somehow zapping baby brother into television, and switches places with a Mummy on TV.
Episode 6
Just Say No Fun
Marshall and Simon are surprised to find that instead of detention they get sent to have an eye test. But with his new glasses, Simon seems to have lost his sense of fun, and all he wants to do is study.

Episode 8
The Broken Record
When Marshall suggests some heavy metal to cheer up his friend, Tod finds that he can relate to the lyrics - perhaps a little too much, as he changes dramatically into a rebellious head-banger.
Episode 9
The Dead Letter
Marshall discovers an old undelivered letter along with the ghost of its author, Tripp McConnell, who wants Marshall's help to finally deliver the letter to his childhood sweetheart.
Episode 10
The Lost Hour
Eerie doesn't have daylight savings time, but Marshall's determined not to miss out on the extra hour and sets his watch back anyway. Then everyone in Eerie disappears, except for some creepy garbage collectors and a strange milkman.
Episode 11
Who's Who
When Marshall's stolen bicycle mysteriously reappears after Sara Bob signs her drawing of it, she realizes that she can change reality with her pictures, and sets about creating the perfect family.
Episode 12
Marshall's Theory
Professor Zirchon, renowned authority on the para-believable, announces that an extraterrestrial object he is tracking will land in Eerie. Marshall and Simon hope that they've finally found someone who might believe them.
Episode 13
Tornado Days
Marshall decides to stay home while the rest of the town is out to celebrate the annual Tornado Day celebrations. But Old Bob is a tornado with a big ego and doesn't take kindly to Marshall's boycott.
Episode 14
The Hole in the Head Gang
When Marshall and Simon investigate an old haunted mill they discover that it's just a hoax, set up by a mysterious boy with gray hair. But then they uncover an old rusted gun and the ghost of Grungy Bill, Eerie's worst bank robber.
Episode 15
Mr. Chaney
Marshall wins a lottery to select the next Harvest King, and must go into the woods to face the Eerie wolf. The only problem is that none of the previous 'winners' have ever returned.
Episode 16
No Brain No Pain
Marshall and Simon witness a homeless man being attacked by a woman with a ray gun and decide to help him out. But things get really weird when they turn on the strange contraption the man was making.
Episode 17
The Loyal Order of Corn
Mr. Teller joins the Loyal Order of Corn, and Marshall and Simon discover that the Order is building what appears to be a giant TV screen. But when Simon steps into the screen he gets transported to another planet.
Episode 18
Zombies in PJs
As the World o' Stuff's new marketing campaign takes subliminal advertising to a new level, sleepwalking customers start buying everything in sight on credit. But they should have read the small print.
Episode 19
Reality Takes a Holiday
Marshall finds a script in his mailbox for a TV show called Eerie, Indiana. As he starts reading, he suddenly finds himself on a TV set where his family is just actors and everyone calls him Omri.

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