Fear Academy

Season 1

Episode 1
Clowns and Dolls
Dolls and clowns are not to be trusted, no matter how sweet or jovial they may seem.
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Episode 2
Car Trouble=Serial Killer
Fix your car now, it might help you escape a crazed killer later.
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Episode 3
"I'll Be Right Back"
Declaring "I'll be right back" is a sure-fire way to get killed.
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Episode 4
Dead Hand
Keep your hands off the comatose, and they might just keep their hands off you.
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Episode 6
Avoid Sex & Booze
Politely decline the sex and booze, hedonism is sexy to serial killers.
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Episode 7
Music Dies Down
If the lights go out, something bad is about to happen, especially if you're that obnoxious guy at the party who can't take a hint.
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Episode 8
Medicine Cabinet
Hope you weren't expecting privacy. Whenever you close your medicine cabinet, the killer will be right behind you.
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Episode 9
Crank Call
If you want to inflict terror via telephone, remember this: Crank callers never sound normal.
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Episode 10
Curb your investigative instincts by ignoring all strange sounds, especially if they are coming from the basement.
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Episode 11
Head Trauma
Killers are far more difficult to defeat than normal humans. Keep this in mind when planning your escape.
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Episode 12
Some folks are just going to get slaughtered whether you like it or not.
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