Jobs of the Damned

Zombie Survival Machine
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Season 1

Episode 1
Zombie Girl
Angie finds out what it takes to transform into a Hollywood zombie – a lot of patience, a sense of humor and a willingness to get nasty, sticky stuff on your face and in your hair.
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Episode 2
Doug Jones
Now that Angie looks the part, she enlists actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) to teach her how to move like a zombie. A sexy, f-able zombie.
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Episode 3
Vampire Hunter
Guns are fun but if you want to kill vamps (sparkly or otherwise), you can’t beat the classic crossbow. Inspired by Daybreakers, we send Angie to learn the finer points of bowed combat.
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Episode 4
Slasher Lessons
Angie learns the fine art of violent homicide with hands-on lessons in death by machete, sledge hammer and other heavy, pointy and rusty objects.
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Episode 5
Knott's Scary Farm
Angie gets an exclusive behind the scenes look at world of Knott's Scary Farm's Halloween Haunt. Backstage she meets performers, wardrobe, and makeup artists that turn her into one of the creatures inside the Delirium Maze.
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Episode 6
Host Angie Greenup hits up the White Lotus Martial Arts Center to learn how actors train to kill monsters with the bare hands!
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Episode 7
Paranormal Investigator
In this episode of Jobs Of The Damned, host Angie Greenup delves into the world of the paranormal as she investigates Linda Vista Hospital with Brian Patrick of the Los Angeles Paranormal Association and gets a behind the scenes look at what it takes to be a paranormal investigator.
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Episode 8
In this episode of Jobs Of The Damned, Angie Greenup gets an exclusive behind the scenes look at world of Horror Make-Up from Greg McDougall at Double Take FX.
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Episode 9
Angie gets an exclusive behind the scenes look at the world of movie costume design with JoEllen Elam from Firefly Path.
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Episode 10
Six Flags Halloween Fright Fest
Have you ever been to a Halloween amusement park and thought, "I could do that" after an actor jumps out and scares the piss out of you? FEARnet's Angie Greenup hits Six Flags Magic Mountain to discover what goes into being one of the scare zone monsters.
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