Mari - Kari

Season 1

Episode 1
She's Back...
Mari’s first day back since the recent “unpleasantness,” and the new kid sitting in Kari’s former desk finds out that – despite the fact that she’s dead – Kari is still a force to be reckoned with at the school. The kid gets the “Predator” treatment (OS) and Kari’s old desk is deemed off limits for the rest of the school year. We also learn of the upcoming Sadie Hawkins Day dance.
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Episode 2
Kill Them With Kindness
The cool girls are conspiring to bring Mari down. They all hate her cheery demeanor and naturally adorable fashion sense. The obnoxious debs wind up stuffed into lockers, trashcans and even their own Prada backpacks. Kari even finds a super disturbing use for a fire extinguisher…
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Episode 3
Hey, Dead Girl!
Mari learns that she will have to invite a boy to the upcoming dance and Kari vows to help. Clueless about boys, Kari solicits advice from the only boy she knows…Larry, the dead kid in the shed out behind their house.
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Episode 4
Unsafety Dance
Mari asks several boys to go to the dance with her. One by one, they all make fun of her – which saddens poor sweet Mari and pisses off nasty little Kari. Kari wreaks hilarious revenge in the form of several “jock related” mishaps involving athletic equipment used in ways not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
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Episode 5
Hang This
Mari tries to join the decorating committee for the Sadie Hawkins dance, but the cool kids reject her. Kari gets suspicious when she notices that the streamers are pig entrails…and she soon learns that there is a school-wide plot to embarrass Mari at the dance.
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Episode 6
Big Man On Mari
The big dance is only days away, and Mari still has no date. Out of nowhere, the big man on campus “breaks up” with his girlfriend and tells Mari he would be honored to go to the dance with her.
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Episode 7
A Fate For The Dance
Mari is excited about the dance, but Kari knows that something is up. Kari pleads with Mari to skip the whole thing and reminds her of some of the recent incidents of hazing, etc. Mari only sees the dance as an opportunity to show the cool kids that she’s pretty darn okey-dokey too!
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Episode 8
The Super Funtastic Mari/Kari Sadie Hawkins Day Dance Mega Bloodbath Finale
The big dance! The cool kids attempt to unleash their hideous pranks on Mari, but Kari is always one step ahead of them.
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