The Real Ghostbusters

Funhouse - The Real Ghostbusters
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Season 1

Episode 1
Ghosts R Us
In a giant chocolate factory, the Ghostbusters chase and capture three ghosts. Shortly after, Slimer unintentionally frees the ghosts who now have a plan to put the Ghostbusters out of business.
Episode 2
Homes throughout New York are losing power and appliances are acting strangely. The Ghostbusters discover that these issues are caused by Killerwatt, a ghost who can control electronics.
Episode 3
Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood
A sweet, elderly lady asks for the help of the Ghostbusters to fix her haunted house. The Ghostbusters find that a demon is in the house and that Mrs. Rogers is more than just an innocent old woman.
Episode 4
Slimer, Come Home
After ruining Peter's surprise party, Slimer leaves and wanders the streets of New York. A group of poltergeists hopes to find Slimer first so that they can steal his energy.
Episode 5
Troll Bridge
Trolls invade New York and live in the Queensboro Bridge. When one of the trolls sneaks away from the group, the other trolls will not stop destroying the city until they have him back.
Episode 6
The Boogey Man Cometh
A couple of kids come to the Ghostbusters because they claim that they have seen the Boogeyman. To evaluate what the kids have told them, the Ghostbusters check children's closets in the night and face the Boogeyman themselves.
Episode 7
Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream
The Sandman uses magical dust to make all of the world sleep and have people's dreams become reality. The Ghostbusters are not sure that they can stop the Sandman before they fall asleep.
Episode 8
When Halloween Was Forever
On Halloween, a couple of goblins release an evil spirit, Samhain. The Ghostbusters must stop Samhain before the frightening night of Halloween never ends.
Episode 9
Look Homeward, Ray
Ray happily returns home because he has a role in a parade. His homecoming turns sour when he is asked to save the city from ghosts and he embarrasses himself by being unable to do it.
Episode 10
Take Two
The Ghostbusters travel to Hollywood to help with a movie about themselves. To their surprise, a spirit lives within the studio and the Ghostbusters are unprepared to fight it.
Episode 11
Citizen Ghost
Peter forgets to burn the Ghostbusters' mystical uniforms, and because of this accident, the uniforms come to life as clones of the Ghostbusters. These clones want to become the Ghostbusters.
Episode 12
Janine's Ghost
Egon is dragged into being Janine's date when she goes to see family, and he nearly dies from boredom. Meanwhile, nothing boring is going on at headquarters, as the boys accidentally create a giant imp, and three evil spirits are released from the traps!
Episode 13
X-Mas Marks the Spot
While lost in a snow storm, the Ghostbusters travel into times of Christmas past, present, and future. As Scrooge plans to change history, the Ghostbusters must work together to save Christmas.
Episode 14
Knock, Knock
The door to Hades is accidentally opened, and the Ghostbusters must close it again before any more evil ghosts escape.
Episode 15
Station Identification
A mysterious TV network called WBOO goes on the air, unleashing ghostly TV characters into the homes of unsuspecting viewers.
Episode 16
Play Them Ragtime Boos
While on vacation in New Orleans, the Ghostbusters encounter a small town that is constantly traveling back in time.
Episode 17
Sea Fright
The Ghostbusters must fight off a pirate ship led by a ghostly captain obsessed with reclaiming his lost treasure of gold.
Episode 18
The Spirit of Aunt Lois
Ray's Aunt Lois invites the Ghostbusters to a seance conducted by phony spiritualist Doctor Bassingame... but Aunt Lois is soon trapped by angry spirits.
Episode 19
Cry Uncle
Egon's Uncle Cyrus comes to visit, the Ghostbusters learn that he is ashamed of his nephew's line of work. The guys decide to prove to Egon's uncle that ghosts are real, but not all goes as planned.
Episode 20
Adventures in Slime and Space
When Slimer passes through Egon's latest invention, he is broken up into thousands of tiny Slimers that coat the city in a layer of green goo. However, the Ghostbusters' solution to the problem only results in a larger - and angrier - Slimer.
Episode 21
Night Game
A mysterious battle fought by the forces of good and evil is being waged within a baseball stadium. Winston is soon drafted to play on the side of good... with an individual's soul as the prize.
Episode 22
Venkman's Ghost Repellers
Peter's father arrives in town selling phony ghost repellent ponchos to a ship's crew that disappears in the New Jersey Parallelogram; and the Ghostbusters are called upon to find the crew before it's too late.
Episode 23
The Old College Spirit
A group of college students are being haunted by a gang of unruly frat ghosts, but the Ghostbusters find that they must help the phantoms graduate!
Episode 24
Ain't NASA-sarily So
The Ghostbusters are sent to outer space to the space platform Galileo in order to bust a particularly scar creature, while Peter is overjoyed about working under a government contract.
Episode 25
Who Are You Calling Two Dimensional
Walt Fleischman, foremost cartoonist of the 1940s, has been missing for over thirty years, but strange sounds coming from his studio prompt the Ghostbusters into action. Will the Ghostbusters become cartoon characters?
Episode 26
A Fright at the Opera
Attending an opera, Egon and a disinterested Peter are shocked when ghostly Valkyries actually appear and create havoc. The Ghostbusters are soon facing the music... and the Valkyries!
Episode 27
Doctor, Doctor
During a skirmish at a chemical factory, the Ghostbusters are covered with a contaminated ectoplasmic chemical... and it changes them in creepy ways!
Episode 28
Ghost Busted
When the number of ghosts across the city drops considerably, the Ghostbusters realize that they will soon be broke! But after they prevent a robbery from taking place, they reinvent themselves as... the Crime Busters!
Episode 29
Beneath These Streets
After New York appears to suffer an earthquake, the ever-enthusiastic Ray heads off into the sewers by himself to find out more. There, he learns that ghosts are gathering for a massive attack on the city!
Episode 30
Boo Dunit
The Ghostbusters are called to the haunted house of recently deceased mystery writer, Agatha Grisley. They soon learn that the spectres are actually characters from Grisley's last, uncompleted novel!
Episode 31
Chicken, He Clucked
Forming a deal with a demon, Cubby now has the ability to make anything in the world disappear. With this skill Cubby eliminates chickens from the world. The Ghostbusters do not like this change and neither does the demon who gave Cubby the ability.
Episode 32
Ragnarok and Roll
Upset at losing his girlfriend, Jeremy has found a way to gain powers which allow him to destroy the world. The Ghostbusters cannot stop Jeremy until he finally realizes what he is doing.
Episode 33
Don't Forget the Motor City
Gremlin have been ruining all of the cars in the Generous Motor Company. The Ghostbusters are sent in to capture the gremlins.
Episode 34
Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie
Shanna, a banshee with power to destroy with her singing, must be stopped by the Ghostbusters even though one of them is falling in love with her.
Episode 35
Big Bad Ghost
Surprised that he is actually the ghost that has been haunting his niece's house, Horace must find a way to leave the home. Eventually he realizes that he won't be able to leave until he tells his niece how much he loves her.
Episode 36
Hanging By a Thread
Ghouls invade New York City with a pair of scissors that can determine the length of a person's life. The Ghostbusters try to stop the ghouls but they disappear into the netherworld.
Episode 37
You Can't Take It With You
To have money after he dies, the millionaire Tummel uses an experimental machine to send his fortune to the ghost world. This invention appears to work only when money is sent ghosts are pulled into New York.
Episode 38
No One Comes to Lupusville
Paid to stop vampires in a mysterious town, the Ghostbusters travel to the town and are surprised to find that all of the inhabitants are vampires. The Ghostbusters' weapons are useless in fighting vampires.
Episode 39
Drool, The Dog Faced Goblin
After watching a goblin perform at a show in the mountains, the Ghostbusters, believe a giant ghost must be a goblin, but later find that the two are completely disconnected.
Episode 40
Man/Never Reached Home
Simon Quegg is riding a horse through New England and being stalked by the Dark Rider. The Ghostbusters try to help Simon but accidentally switch Simon and Ray's bodies, making Ray vanish into the ghost world.
Episode 41
Collect Call of Cathulhu
A valuable library book is stolen by a cult who are going to use this powerful book to summon a monster, Cathulhu from his sleep in the ocean. The Ghostbusters track the cult but the Ghostbusters are too late.
Episode 42
Bustman's Holiday
After inheriting his uncle's haunted castle, the Ghostbusters travel to Scotland to visit Ray's new home and defeat the ghost. It turns out that there is not only one ghost but there are many.
Episode 43
Headless Motorcyclist
Unfortunately Peter is attracted to a woman he meets at a party who happens to be haunted by a headless motorcyclist, who is a descendant of Ichabod Crane. The motorcyclist chases after Peter and the Ghostbusters devise a plan to "zap" the motorcyclist.
Episode 44
The Thing...
In Mrs. Faversham's attic lives a demon. The elderly lady asks the Ghostbusters to help her rid her home of the evil that exists with the demon. The Ghostbusters discover that the demon wants revenge on Mrs. Faversham's father who created the demon.
Episode 45
Egon on a Rampage
Egon shows his new invention, the "dimensionometer" to a tv news crew. During this presentation, Egon's invention operates backwards and grabs Egon's soul, taking it to another dimension.
Episode 46
Lights, Camera, Haunting
Helping with producing a horror film, the Ghostbusters are shocked when the ghosts in the film are not actors. The evil producer plans his next film called "The End of the Ghostbusters".
Episode 47
The Bird of Kildarby
An Irish castle is brought to New York and the inhabitants are ghosts from the 15th century. The Ghostbusters tour the castle and make a deal with the powerful Lord Kildarby. If the Ghostbusters can defeat the Lord's bird then the ghosts will depart.
Episode 48
Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster
When there are too many ghosts for the Ghostbusters to handle, Janine dresses up as a Ghostbuster to clear her apartment of these pests.
Episode 49
Apocalypse, What Now?
Janine breaks the seal of an ancient, dangerous book which results in the Four Dark Riders coming to life. The only way to stop the horsemen is to trap them back inside of the book and seal it forever.
Episode 50
Lost and Foundry
All of the metal in New York randomly starts moving as though they are all controlled by another power. The Ghostbusters realize that these metal objects are somehow related to a ghost that they chased in a steel mill and trapped in molten steel.
Episode 51
Hard Knight's Day
Peter’s date Doris drags him out to view Medieval tapestries. Trapped knights cursed by Merlin emerge from a tapestry and mistake Doris for their Lady Genevieve. When they kidnap her, Peter needs to channel his inner Merlin to rescue the fair damsel.
Episode 52
Cold Cash and Hot Water
Peter's dad discovers a ghost frozen in Alaskan ice and brings it to New York to show it off. But when the ice thaws under the bright lights, the evil ghost of Hob is released. The Ghostbusters must catch Hob before Manhattan is hit by a new Ice Age.
Episode 53
Scaring of the Green
NYPD's chief carries a family curse on him, placed there by a leprechaun long ago. When an Irish bog-hound swims to NYC to take the chief’s head to Ireland, he begs the Ghostbusters for help. But only a four-leaf clover can stop the deadly ghost dog.
Episode 54
They Call Me Mr. Slimer
Slimer earns money bodyguarding a kid who's being pushed around by school bullies. The bad boys crawl into the sewers to enlist a gang of Barrow-Wights to battle Slimer. But, the tables are turned when the Barrow-Wights start bullying the bullies!
Episode 55
Last Train to Oblivion
Train-lovin' Peter gets trapped on a speeding, unstoppable locomotive, with Casey Jones's ghost at the wheel. The last time Casey drove a train, it ended in the worst train wreck in history – and it's looking like history may repeat itself today!
Episode 56
Peter gives a diehard Ghostbuster fan a piece of equipment. It turns out, the equipment is very dangerous if misused. When the fanboy turns the thing on in a haunted house, he stirs up a hornets' nest of evil spirits that threaten to kill his friends!
Episode 57
Janine's Day Off
Egon is dragged into being Janine's date when she goes to see family, and he nearly dies from boredom. Meanwhile, nothing boring is going on at headquarters, as the boys accidentally create a giant imp, and three evil spirits are released from the traps!
Episode 58
Ghostbusters in Paris
Zut alors! France turns to the Ghostbusters for help when Paris is suddenly plagued with escaped ghouls. The boys do battle with ancient European ghosts and demons, up and down the Eiffel Tower and inside the Louvre Museum.
Episode 59
The Devil in the Deep
Tiny demons bursting forth from fire hydrants lead the Ghostbusters to a giant primal river god lurking in Manhattan's water supply. When his coworkers get swallowed by the beast, it's up to Peter to pull the plug on the vengeful monster.
Episode 60
Ghost Fight at the OK Corral
It's six-shooters versus proton guns, when an Old West theme park gets a surprise attraction. The ghosts of Wyatt Earp and his brothers arrive to celebrate the Gunfight at the OK Corral's anniversary. The unwitting Ghostbusters are in for a showdown!
Episode 61
Ghostbusters of the Year
After a major ghost bust, Peter becomes a media darling. He's a shoe-in for Ghosthunter of the Year. Envious, the other three guys open a less-than-friendly competition to steal the the title from him – and make the cover of Spooks Illustrated magazine!
Episode 62
Called to a hotel to remove one spirit, the Ghostbusters stumble into a whole convention of them. Not just any convention – the keynote speaker is the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! The boys better shut down the show or it's doomsday for Manhattan.
Episode 63
The Cabinet of Calamari
Magician and escape artist Calamari is haunted by a ghost, so the Ghostbusters go backstage to help him. But, Calamari's bumbling accidentally sends Peter through his magic cabinet, and into another dimension. Has Peter vanished forever?
Episode 64
A Ghost Grown in Brooklyn
After the boys clean the ghosts out of a greenhouse, Janine gets a potted geranium as a thank you gift. But the plant is possessed by the ghost that got away. Very quickly, the little geranium grows into a monster that engulfs the entire Brooklyn Bridge.
Episode 65
Revenge of Murray the Mantis
Inside a parade balloon lurks the spirit of beloved cartoon character, Murray the Mantis. The balloon pops, and Murray is loose to wreak havoc. The Ghostbusters have no choice but to release the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man to help them bring down Murray.
Episode 66
Egon and Janine find a traveling carnival with a new ride – a "Ghostbusters" rollercoaster. And, ironically, it's haunted! Despite being miffed at this crappy ride that stole their name, the Ghostbusters decide to help purge the carnival of its ghosts.
Episode 67
I Am the City
Marduk, Babylonian God of Cities, swoops out of the subway one night. The police enlist the Ghostbusters to catch him, but Marduk is a shapeshifter who easily eludes the boys. And to make matters worse, a giant five-headed dragon is after Marduk, too.
Episode 68
Moaning Stones
Sacred stones reunited at a museum free an ancient African spirit, the Undying One. Suddenly, dinosaur skeletons come back to life and trash the museum. It's up to Winston to go back in time to visit his ancestors, to get the power to stop the demon.
Episode 69
Long, Long Goodbye, The
Private eye Philip Spade's ghost is chasing Black Shadow, a demon sent to New York to retrieve the stolen treasure of King Todd. Spade and the Ghostbusters race to return the jewelry to the museum, before "Blackie" enacts his vengeance on the city.
Episode 70
Buster the Ghost
When the Busters are away, the ghosts will play! The boys return home one night, where the spirit they hired as a cook is throwing a wild party for his demon pals. The Ghostbusters need all their skills to keep them from burning down the firehouse.
Episode 71
The Devil to Pay
Winston and Ray go on a brand new game show, trying to win a vacation to Tahiti. They should've read the fine print on the contract – the show's host is the Devil himself, and if the boys lose, he takes their souls home with him as a lovely parting gift.
Episode 72
Slimer, Is That You?
Egon challenges a powerful demon to a mental duel via their holographic network – but a short circuit switches his brain into Slimer's body, and vice versa! Meanwhile, the rest of the crew battle rowdy ghosts at a neighborhood skating rink.
Episode 73
Egon's Ghost
Engaging a demon from the Netherworld, Egon gets destabilized into a ghostly form. The others watch in horror as he fades away. They journey to the Netherworld to bring Egon back, where monsters, demons and the deadly Terror Dog stand in their way.
Episode 74
Captain Steel Saves the Day
Captain Steel and his arch-enemy, the evil Dr. Destructo, escape from the pages of Ray's favorite comic book. The Ghostbusters are powerless to stop them. But, with the aid of the comic book's artist, they may find a way to rewrite this story's ending.
Episode 75
Victor, The Happy Ghost
You won't like him when he's angry! The Ghostbusters adopt a seemingly harmless ghost rather than lock him away in the containment unit. But Slimer finds out that when you piss it off, this cute ghost turns into a nasty demon behind their backs.
Episode 76
Egon's Dragon
The Ghostbusters find an old well, accidentally waking an ancient dragon sleeping at the bottom. Eons ago, Egon's ancestor created the beast so now it thinks Egon is here to take him home. It lovingly brings Egon gifts – like cars. Lots and lots of cars.
Episode 77
Dairy Farm of the Living
The Ghostbusters hope to get some rest from work, with a laid-back vacation at Ray's cousin's dairy farm. But that night, angry zombie farmers are unearthed from the fields, rising to destroy the farm and take vengeance on the people living there.
Episode 78
Hole in the Wall Gang
The Limburger cheese heir's mansion suffers supernatural manifestations. The Ghostbusters can only watch as holes form in the walls and demons pour out. The bigger the hole, the bigger and more deadly the spirit. And, that one particular hole is gigantic!
Episode 79
Baby Spookems
during a rare eclipse of the moon, a baby ghost slips through a dimensional crack and becomes lost in New York. The Ghostbusters adopt a cute ghost, but soon hear reports of two other ghosts causing trouble around town.
Episode 80
It's a Jungle Out There
An incredibly powerful animal demon escapes from his statue prison and turns the animals of New York City into fierce, aggressive, talking beasts that proceed to take over the city.
Episode 81
The Boogeyman is Back
After a near death experience atop the World Trade Center towers, Egon's fears inadvertently releases the Boogeyman from his dimensional prison.
Episode 82
Once Upon a Slime
Not wanting to return his favorite fairy-tale book to the library, Slimer hides it in Egon's latest invention and accidentally turns it on.

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