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'Bates Motel' Season Finale Reactions On The New 'Bloodcast'

On top of Killer POV (with FEARnet's own Rob Galluzzo, Rebekah McKendry from Fangoria and Elric Kane from Inside Horror) and The Movie Crypt (with Holliston's Adam Green and Joe Lynch), there's also The Bloodcast hosted by Shock Till You Drop's Ryan Turek and which focuses primarily on horror television. Well, the big news in horror TV this week was the recently aired season finale for 'Bates Motel.'
Rob Galluzzo - 05/22/2013 - 5:30pm - 0 comments

Horror Movie A Day Review - The Burning

If you follow me on Twitter but do NOT follow my good friend AJ Bowen (@LenHamhock), you miss out on some amazing ball-busting, as while we share a love of Armageddon and a few other select films

Horror Movie a Day - 05/22/2013 - 4:52pm - 0 comments

Badass Digest Review - Phantasm II

Fun bit of trivia that provides a good example of differing perspectives: Phantasm II is the biggest budgeted film in the series by a wide margin, but it's the smallest budget for any film Un

Badass Digest - 05/08/2013 - 5:26pm - 0 comments

Badass Digest Review - From Beyond

For a while on Horror Movie A Day I was doing a recurring feature called "Second Chances," where I'd revisit a film that readers felt I was way off on originally (either disliking s

Badass Digest - 05/08/2013 - 5:21pm - 0 comments

Horror Movie A Day Review - Storage 24

As of this writing, Storage 24 has the horrible distinction of being the lowest grossing film of the year and the second lowest (reported) grossing film OF ALL TIME per BoxOfficeMojo, with a horr

Horror Movie a Day - 03/14/2013 - 5:12pm - 0 comments

Horror Movie A Day Review - Saint

I really wish I loved Sint (aka Saint Nick in the US), because on paper it sounds like everything I could want from a holiday horror film: turning one of its icons into a murderer, removing the u

Horror Movie a Day - 02/25/2013 - 5:48pm - 0 comments


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