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A Look Back at More Misleading VHS Box Cover Art

The fantastic thing about the VHS years is that the poster art was frequently hand drawn and frequently had very little or nothing to do with the actual film. If you picked a film based solely on the box cover, you had a pretty good chance of being disappointed or at least surprised. Distributors seemed to see a snazzy box cover as a good way to get some mileage out of a subpar film.
Tyler Doupe - 11/26/2013 - 12:00pm - 0 comments

6 Recommended Summer "Slashers!"

One of the things I love so much about the horror genre is just how many sub-sections there are to it. I mean, if you were so inclined or just in the mood, you could focus your movie viewing leisure time specifically to the supernatural, or to zombies, or perhaps werewolves & vampires, or monsters (oh my)!
Rob Galluzzo - 06/21/2013 - 4:00pm - 0 comments

Dread Central Review - The Burning

The second of Scream Factory’s Blu-ray releases this week (the other being The Town That Dreaded Sundown [review here]), The Burning hails from the early 80s, just as the glut of post-Hallo

Dread Central - 06/04/2013 - 3:22pm - 0 comments

Horror Movie A Day Review - The Burning

If you follow me on Twitter but do NOT follow my good friend AJ Bowen (@LenHamhock), you miss out on some amazing ball-busting, as while we share a love of Armageddon and a few other select films

Horror Movie a Day - 05/22/2013 - 4:52pm - 0 comments

FEARNET Movie Review: 'The Burning' Blu-Ray

If you're a fan or a student of the slasher sub-genre, you're going to have to check out The Burning at least once. I'd never call it a great (or even good) horror flick, but it does deserve mention for its stellar gore effects, its bizarre cast and crew, and its few moments of actual creepiness -- and having it presented in a great blu-ray package is obviously a nice bonus.
Scott Weinberg - 05/22/2013 - 1:00pm - 0 comments


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