Fantastic Fest 2013 Journalist Roundtable

Join FEARnet's Lawrence Raffel, Alyse Wax and Sarah Shannon, along with Shock Till You Drop's Ryan Turek, Badas Digest's Brian Collins and Fangoria's Sam Zimmerman as they discuss

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Fangoria Movie Review - Coherence

Here’s a tip for slightly sadistic event planners seeking to liven up yet another humdrum middle-aged dinner party: Pencil the soirée in for the same night a reality-refracting, modern conv

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FEARNET Movie Review: 'Coherence'

A group of self-obsessed but generally likable friends get together for a quiet little dinner party, and eventually the conversation touches upon a comet that's supposed to be soaring far overheard at the very moment -- and that's when you get the first clue that the odd indie sci-fi thriller Coherence is about to become something very familiar... or very weird.
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