Dark Oracle

Dark Oracle - Redemption

While Lance is stuck within the comic, Violet enters the real world and plans to trade lives with her human counterpart.

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Dark Oracle - Trail Blaze

Blaze steals Lance's place in society as Lance is locked within the comic. Omen talks to Cally and tries to help Lance, but Cally rejects his support because she does not trust him.

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Dark Oracle - Life Interrupted

After finding a way out of the comic, Omen joins the real world. In this world Omen is indebted to Vern, so Omen agrees to do whatever Vern asks.

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Dark Oracle - Ghosts From the Past

By taking Cally and Lance's comic books, Vern finds a way to enter the comic world of the "Dark Oracle". While Vern journeys to the other world, Omen finds a way into reality.

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Dark Oracle - Boot Camp

Emmett plans a camping trip and invites Cally, Lance, Dizzy and Sage. During the trip people from the group start to vanish.

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Dark Oracle - The Stalker

Dizzy is thrilled when "Dark Oracle" predicts that he is going to be a famous singer. Because of his enthusiasm, Dizzy competes on a tv singing contest.

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Dark Oracle - The Game

An online game mesmerizes Lance and he becomes so hooked to this game that it becomes an addiction. Cally and the others fear that Lance’s obsession is unhealthy.

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