Dark Oracle

Dark Oracle - Boiler Room

In season two, "Dark Oracle" returns for revenge. Just as the comic predicts, Dizzy and Lance end up at Vern's initiation into the fraternity of darkness.

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Dark Oracle - Full Circle

As Cally and Lance turn Nemo back into Omen, they realize that he is the reason the comic book exists so they make him destroy the book.

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Dark Oracle - Marionette

Already upset about being tricked by Omen, Cally becomes even more offended when she sees a drawing of Violet as a marionette.

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Dark Oracle - Trapped

After a toad is kissed it turns into an attractive man, Omen. Omen plans revenge on Doyle, and when Omen arrives at school, his beautiful looks attract Cally.

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Dark Oracle - Recruitment

By continuously winning games at Gamerz Cave, Lance attracts the attention of Doyle. Doyle offers Lance a chance to take a test to join a secret society.

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Dark Oracle - Crushed

Because Cally and her best friend Annie have a fight, Cally decides to befriend the new girl in her class, Claudia.

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