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2 Episodes Left! 4 Clips From 'Dexter' 811

Holy smokes. Can you believe there's only 2 more episodes left of Showtime's 'Dexter'?! Both myself and Aylse are still in denial! But you can bet we'll be tuning in to see what happens these next two weeks, especially after the tense conclusion of this week's episode.
Rob Galluzzo - 09/10/2013 - 1:00pm - 0 comments

Our 10 Favorite Killers on 'Dexter'

They always say that a hero (or anti-hero in this case) is only as good as his villain. And 'Dexter' has seen his fair share of villains over the course of the show's now 8 year history. Each individual season has boasted a "big bad," a main killer whose story arc is spread across the entire 12 episode run. Here are Our 10 Favorite Killers on 'Dexter'.
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What Ever Happened To...? 6 Dropped Plotlines From 'Dexter'

This upcoming Sunday, Jun 30th, Showtime's 'Dexter' returns for its 8th and final season! And one of the things I’ve always loved about the show is the time it takes to set up its key story threads for the entire season; meaning it usually takes a good 3-4 episodes before I get a feel for the overall direction they’re heading in.
Rob Galluzzo - 06/26/2013 - 1:00pm - 1 comment
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