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Dexter - Early Cuts: All In The Family pt. 4

In the fourth installment of Dexter Early Cuts: All in the Family, Dexter ruminates on a childhood spent destroying his sister's dolls, and an adulthood filled with half-truths.

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Dexter Early Cuts: All In The Family Pt. 6

Dexter finally gets his man in the final segment of "Dexter Early Cuts: All in the Family." Don't forget to tune in to the seventh season of Dexter beginning September

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Gene Marshall

A young Dexter encounters arsonist Gene Marshall and is forced to rethink his methods.


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We Preview Season Seven of 'Dexter'

Let’s do a quick recap here (though, really, how could you forget where we last left Dexter?) Season six sucked, until the final 30 seconds or so, when Deb walks in on Dexter killing the “big bad” in his typical, highly ritualized style. There is absolutely no denying what she saw. Then we have ten months of pure hell while we wait for season seven to start up.
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Dexter Early Cuts: All In The Family Pt. 5

Dexter closes in on his kill in this penultimate installment of "Dexter Early Cuts: All in the Family." Check back with us for the sixth and final installment next week, leading up to t

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Dexter Early Cuts - Dark Echo

Showtime brings us more animated tales of young Dexter with a new season of their Emmy nominated web series, comng this Fall. More at

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Dexter Early Cuts: Alex Timmons

Dexter hunts Alex Timmons, a corrupt Gulf War veteran who used the cover of war to kill the innocent. Watch Dexter Sunday's on Showtime

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