Doctor Sleep

2013: The Year in Stephen King

King has been very busy this year, writing and publishing at a frantic (some might say lunatic) pace. We look back at the legendary author's 2013 output, including new novels, collections, poems, essays, and more.
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Book Review: 'Doctor Sleep' By Stephen King

Thirty-six years is a long time to go missing. It’s a long time to let ghosts accumulate, real and imagined. And it’s a long time to follow up on one of the most well-known and well-regarded novels – horror or otherwise – of the twentieth century.
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Stephen King Sets Date for Sequel to 'The Shining'

Stephen King is continuing the tale of the Torrance family in his follow up to 'The Shining', 'Doctor Sleep'. King recently announced Doctor Sleep will hit shelves just in time for the Halloween season, September 24, 2013.
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