TV Recap: 'Dracula' Episode 109 - 'Four Roses'

Grayson is convinced that the Order was behind Mina’s attack and wants to start war with them. Renfield tries to explain that Davenport acted alone in this, but Grayson doesn’t believe him.
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TV Recap: 'Dracula' Episode 108 - 'Come to Die'

Jayne and Browning are convinced there is another elder vampire hanging around London. She targets a hooker who admits that it was Dracula who summoned her there. Jayne tries to get the location of his nest. The hooker opts to shoot herself in the head with Jayne’s gun, rather than give up her master.
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TV Recap: 'Dracula' Episode 107 - 'Servant to Two Masters'

The nickel-steel alloy seems to have done the trick, and Grayson is ready for a public demonstration of his wireless electricity machine. Van Helsing has gotten the daylight serum to be effective for up to four hours now, which allows Grayson to take a walk in the park with Mina - then visit Jayne and screw her brains out.
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Our Five Favorite Vintage Vampire Board Games

These days you can't throw a rock without breaking a vital piece of a serious, strategic, horror board game. But just because the board game industry is blowing up now doesn't mean we didn't have plenty of awesome games in ages past! The years have afforded us tons of bizarre, fun, challenging, and silly horror board games, and we'd hate to see them lost to the sands of time. Here's a look at our first collection of vintage games worth revisiting: Vampire Board Games!
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