Universal's Classic Monsters Essential Collection - Worth the Price?

You know that the classic Universal monster movies are some of the most important and influential horror films ever made. But you also are not keen on spending $150+ for the newly released, fully remastered special edition box set. Let’s take a look at the set, the remaster, the bonus features. Then you can make an informed decision.
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Universal Classic Monsters Rise Again

In celebration of the newly restored Universal Classic Monsters blu-ray box set, we've got a slideshow of some beautiful, rarely-seen stills from Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein,

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Will 'Dracula' Turn Into a 'Carnivale?'

Genre-happy NBC has brought in Dan Knauf to be the head writer and showrunner of their upcoming Dracula series. Knauf is best known for being the creator of HBO's short-lived cult drama Carnivale.
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