Eerie Indiana

Eerie, Indiana - Jackalope

Mythical creatures called jackalopes live in the forests of Eerie. One day a hunter, Shakes Corona, arrives in Eerie to go after these animals.

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Eerie, Indiana - Mr. Lucky

Mitchell wins a wishbone and gains so much luck that everything in his life becomes perfect. This seamless lifestyle, though, is too boring for Mitchell who needs adventure to be happy.

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Eerie, Indiana - Perfect

The stunning Kari is asked to become a poster girl for a new brand of makeup. If Kari uses these products, her good looks will be protected underneath a plastic seal.

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Eerie, Indiana - The Newsroom

At the local newspaper office, Eerie Examiner, Mitchell and Stanley wander into a room where they find a machine that foresees bad news.

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Eerie, Indiana - The Young and the Twitchy

Stag Carnalli, an over-the-top soap opera star, visits Eerie. During his stay in Eerie, Stag bothers Mitchell and the other citizens because of his annoyingly dramatic personality.

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