Knife Party is Buggin' Out in 'Centipede'

Dubstep/electro-house band Knife Party must have been hittin' the bug powder hardcore when they came up with this nightmarish music video, NOT inspired by "The Human Centipede" (thank goodness), but by the surreal imagery of David Cronenberg's "Naked Lunch." This one will definitely get under your skin...
Gregory Burkart - 08/14/2012 - 2:44am - 0 comments

Twitch the Ripper: 'Colorblind' – CD Review

Tomorrow, retro-cool synthpop duo Twitch the Ripper will roll out a follow-up to their spooky, sexy debut album "Bodiless." We've got a track-by-track review of the new record inside, along with a preview song to shake your floorboards... and maybe raise a few goosebumps. Check it out!
Gregory Burkart - 08/13/2012 - 2:52am - 0 comments

Rob Zombie: 'Mondo Sex Head' – CD Review

For the first time since 1999, Rob Zombie has invited an army of musicians, producers and DJs to experiment with his heavy-groovin' shock rock catalog for an official remix album. Check out our review and take a peek at the original cover art, which was apparently (gasp) too naughty for store shelves...
Gregory Burkart - 07/31/2012 - 3:01am - 0 comments

The Deadites: 'The Big Scary Monster Hunts at Midnight' – CD Review

It's a curse, I tell ya... my twin obsessions with horror and music dominate my life 24/7, so if an indie band pops up on my radar that takes its name from a legendary horror film series, it's pretty much a given I'm going to check 'em out, even if out of pure morbid curiosity. As you can probably imagine, lots of these blind searches end in pain (if
Gregory Burkart - 06/21/2012 - 11:00am - 0 comments


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