The Exorcist

The Complete Exorcist with Linda Blair

In honor of FEARnet's 'Exorcist' marathon premiering this Sunday, February 17th at 2PM ET/11p, we had star Linda Blair join us to talk about 'The Complete Exorcist' m

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An Exorcism Scene

More and more often, in recent years, I've found myself being asked to read screenplays and story treatments written by various peers and associates. Most recently, I was asked to eyeball a story outline for a ghost story - a feature film being written by a friend and colleague. (I don't think he wants me blabbing about his project to anyone yet, so I won't divulge his name, or the plot or title of his movie here.)
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Arizona Pastor Performs Exorcisms Via Skype Video Chats

A full time exorcist, who rids the world of demonic spirits six to seven days a week, Bob Larson is now using the internet to expand his reach, in his never-ending quest to use the power of Christ to compel demons to leave their human hosts.
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Do Horror Trailers Show Us Way Too Much?

What we're here to talk about today is horror movie trailers, and the way that they all too often spoil the excitement of watching the movies they're promoting, in their pursuits to make sure that we want to see the movies being promoted.
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ATTN LA: 'The Exorcist III' Returns To The Big Screen 1/25!

FEARNET friend Brian Collins (contributor to Badass Digest, Horror Movie A Day, and one of our Horror Insiders that just provided a commentary to our 'Vault' presentation of 'Zombie') is hosting a special midnight screening of 'The Exorcist III: Legion' over at the New Beverly Cinema this Saturday, January 25th at 11:59PM.
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8 Big Screen Horror Movies That Are Headed for the Small Screen

Due to the success of Bates Motel and Hannibal, and horror on TV in general, it was a no-brainer that other horror movies would soon find themselves on the radars of TV executives, and a handful of small screen adaptations of popular big screen horrors are indeed soon headed our way.
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Our Favorite Horror Good Guys Gone Bad

These characters embraced change… and ended up becoming horrible monsters or raving lunatics. These aren't characters who spent the whole movie scheming behind the protagonists backs; these are characters who undergo a deep and often sudden change, who are drastically different at the end of the film.
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