Fangoria Review - The Thing

You know the cinematic-rehash market is getting saturated when a movie called THE THING is advertised as coming “From the Producers of DAWN OF THE DEAD,” and both films in question ar

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Fangoria Review - The Skin I Live In

There are a number of moments in THE SKIN I LIVE IN, Pedro Almodóvar’s first thriller since 1986’s MATADOR, that express the playful side that has flowered in his films in the ensuing

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Fangoria Review - The Revenant

For a critic like me who is not only a serious lover of horror but of films in general, watching THE REVENANT is a genuine pleasure. Written and directed by PHANTASM sequel FX wizard D.

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Fangoria Review - The Reef

Just when you thought it was safe to assume that all sharks in independent genre flicks were harmless CGI specimens, here comes THE REEF (just out on DVD and Blu-ray from Image Entertainment, and

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Fangoria Review - The Raven

The opening scene of THE RAVEN finds Edgar Allan Poe, played by John Cusack, gazing upward at the eponymous bird circling a full moon.

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Fangoria Review - The Pack

Take one part CALVAIRE/THE ORDEAL and one part HIGH TENSION, stir in some mutants and you have LA MEUTE (THE PACK), which unfortunately shapes up as one of the weakest in the past decade’s

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Fangoria Review - The Moth Diaries

THE MOTH DIARIES is the long-awaited new Canadian-Irish psychological vampire film from Mary Harron that had its North American premiere at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.

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Fangoria Review - The Innkeepers

It's a bad analogy—because it often conjures up thoughts of junk food and Doritos—but sometimes horror simply needs comfort food.

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