Fangoria Review - The Horseman

It’s not strictly a horror film, but it’s unlikely that any movie will come along this year to match the gut-wrenching intensity of the Australian indie THE HORSEMAN (hitting special-

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Fangoria Review - The Divide

In response to our own Bekah McKendry’s positive review of the already controversial THE DIVIDE, this writer has opted to offer a different, less enthusiastic perspective.

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Fangoria Review - The Devil Inside

Endings are always a challenge when making horror films, but especially in the found-footage subgenre, where coming up with a conclusion that satisfies both the particular demands of this techniq

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Fangoria Review - The Corridor

Following a friend’s enthusiastic recommendation, positive word of mouth and the gorgeous poster (pictured below) I kept seeing around the Fantasia festival, I made a point of getting out o

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Fangoria Review - The Collection

In 2009’s THE COLLECTOR, directed by Marcus Dunstan from a screenplay he wrote with Patrick Melton, we were introduced to Arkin (Josh Stewart), a comparatively innocent thief attempting to

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Fangoria Review - The Aggression Scale

Undoubtedly a touchstone, THE AGGRESSION SCALE eventually plays like a sort of ultraviolent take on HOME ALONE as a group of thugs, in search of their boss’ stolen cash, come face-to-face w

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Fangoria Review - Underworld: Awakening

Having skipped back into the past for an origin story with 2009’s RISE OF THE LYCANS, the UNDERWORLD franchise returns to the present (or near future, or whenever these flicks are set) with

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Fangoria Review - Wrong Turn 4

With WRONG TURN 4: BLOODY BEGINNINGS (on DVD and Blu-ray/DVD combo from Fox Home Entertainment), Declan O’Brien graduates up from director—the post he served on WRONG TURN 3: LEFT FOR

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