Horror Movie A Day Review - Delivery

I may be burned out on the "found footage" concept in general, but that's only because so many movies have done it wrong, and thus giving me a slight knee-jerk reaction to any such

Horror Movie a Day - 06/19/2013 - 5:56pm - 0 comments

Horror Movie A Day Review - V/H/S/2

I liked but did not love V/H/S, having issues with pretty much every segment (some more damaging than others) and being disappointed with the total lack of payoff in the wraparound sequence.

Horror Movie a Day - 06/05/2013 - 7:50pm - 0 comments

Horror Movie A Day Review - Maniac

If you're not going to do your own thing with a remake, the least you can do is fix the problems of the original, which is what Franck Khalfoun and Alex Aja have done with Maniac, their updat

Horror Movie a Day - 05/14/2013 - 5:26pm - 0 comments

Horror Moive a Day - Evil Dead

"It's better than good - it's good ENOUGH."That's a Community quote that I'm pretty sure I've used before in a review, but I'm not sure how well I explained how it applies to movies like Evil Dead.

Horror Movie a Day - 04/06/2013 - 1:13pm - 0 comments

Horror Movie A Day Review - Stoker

The best way to watch Stoker is to know nothing at all. Go in completely blind, and read nothing (including this review, though that's good advice for all movies really).

Horror Movie a Day - 02/08/2013 - 7:27pm - 0 comments

Horror Movie A Day Review - Warm Bodies

FEBRUARY 1, 2013GENRE: COMEDIC, ZOMBIE SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING)Since it sold like 8 million copies or something, I'm sure more than a couple of you own Live's "Throwing Copper" album,

Horror Movie a Day - 02/02/2013 - 1:47pm - 0 comments


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