TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 309 - 'Red Menace'

A Russian faith healer named Boris has rolled into Portland to offer his services. He is something of a celebrity amongst the Russian population. He lays hands on the ill and takes away their suffering, and wants no money in return. This isn’t some act; Boris is sincere, but each heal takes a toll on him.
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Exclusive: Get a Sneak Peek At 'Grimm's Krampus Episode!

You didn't think Grimm would get to a mid-season finale without delving into Krampus, did you? The mythical beast, long part of the holiday tradition in Europe is gaining popularity (notoriety?) in the States, and NBC's Grimm is celebrating Krampus with his own episode.
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TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 306 - 'Stories We Tell Our Young'

Marshall and Belinda take their sone, nine year old Daniel, to a church late one night for an exorcism. An old priest (Monsignor Paul) and a young priest (seminary student Matthew) take Daniel into a back room. as the monsignor begins the rites, Daniel’s sweet boyish face changes. It grows pale and veiny, his eyes glow, and his teeth grow sharp. Matthew tries to hold the boy down but is no match for his super strength. He ties the boy to ornate bars on the edges of the table he is on, but the demon is too strong. Daniel pulls the bar free and uses it to beat the priests.
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TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 305 - 'El Cucuy'

A gas station attendant is savagely beaten during an armed robbery. In the intensive care unit, his mother cries over her unconscious son, praying for the robbers to get their comeuppance. A few nights later, the same robbers hit another convenience store. This time, as they approach the getaway car, a beast is waiting for them, one that rips out the throat of both robbers, leaving behind two bloody corpses.
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TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 304 - 'One Night Stand'

Two couples are hanging out around a bonfire on the beach. They are singing, laughing, drinking... typical twentysomething stuff. One couple, Dan and Anna, go for a swim. Sarah goes for more beer for her and Jake. Hiding behind the foliage, spying, is youngest sister Ellie, a deaf girl with a huge crush on Jake.
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TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 302 - 'PTZD'

The crew (Hank, Juliette, Rosalee, Monroe, and Renard) track Nick down to the farmhouse. The family is scared out of their minds, and the patriarch threatens to shoot the intruder.
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Exclusive First Look at This Week's 'Grimm'

Adalind's hexenbiest trials did not end with dismemberment and manual labor. Now she must be Ed Gein's seamstress, as you can see in this exclusive clip from this week's episode of Grimm.
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