TV Recap: 'Hannibal' Episode 206 - 'Futamono'

Jack goes to see Will, and tells him that Hannibal was nearly killed by the man who killed the bailiff and the judge. The only important part of that “story” is that the orderly didn’t kill the judge - that was the Ripper. And nothing Will said made that happen - it just happened.
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TV Recap: 'Hannibal' Episode 205 - 'Mukozuke'

Freddie responds to an anonymous tip, sending her to the observatory. She enters with a gun, but soon exchanges it for a camera. She snaps away before calling the authorities. When Jack arrives, she suggests someone else enter - it’s one of his own. (Yes, we all know where this is going.)
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Five Strange Addictions in Genre Television

You don’t need to consult the statistics, watch re-runs of Breaking Bad (or a cheesy Lifetime special) or tune into Sally-Jessie (or any barrel-bottom-scraping talk show) to know that addiction is one of the most destructive real-life horrors a person is likely to confront.
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TV Recap: 'Hannibal' Episode 204 - 'Takiawase'

Beverly visits Will with more crime scene photos; this time of The Muralist, James Gray, in the mural. There were no signs of a struggle, and The Muralist would have worked alone, which means that the person who sewed him into his work had to understand him well enough to find his “studio” and have a feel for his artwork.
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TV Recap: 'Hannibal' Episode 203 - 'Hassun'

Will’s trial begins. The prosecution says that the profile Will created when investigating Hobbs was one he couldn’t escape. “He saved Abigail Hobbs from her father, but couldn’t save her from himself.” She says that he is the smartest person in this room and as such was able to create a psychological profile that would become his alibi.
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TV Recap: 'Hannibal' Episode 202 - 'Sakizuke'

The “mosaic man” victim, Roland Umber, wakes to find himself in this hideous pile of bodies. We later learn that a lifetime of heroin use has given him a very high tolerance - the amount that killed other people was just a good buzz for him. He tears himself away from the bodies he is sewn to - literally.
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