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Horror Movie A Day Review - The Purge

Even before I began making a living by creating them, I always stuck around to watch the end credits of a movie if possible; not only is there an increasing chance that there will be an extra sce

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ATTN LA: See 'The Howling' At The New Bev This Sat. Night!

To all of our LA based readers, if you're struggling to make plans for your Saturday night, you are in luck! The fine folks over at The New Beverly Cinema along with Horror Movie A Day's Brian Collins are hosting a special midnight screening of Joe Dante's werewolf classic 'The Howling' this Saturday evening, June 1st.
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Horror Movie A Day Review - The Burning

If you follow me on Twitter but do NOT follow my good friend AJ Bowen (@LenHamhock), you miss out on some amazing ball-busting, as while we share a love of Armageddon and a few other select films

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