Fangoria Movie Review - Stalled

From the creators of the British slasher spoof FREAK OUT comes another genre terror tease, the zombies-in-the-bathroom mini-epic STALLED.

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Fangoria Movie Review - Coherence

Here’s a tip for slightly sadistic event planners seeking to liven up yet another humdrum middle-aged dinner party: Pencil the soirée in for the same night a reality-refracting, modern conv

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Fangoria Movie Review - Patrick

The suspenseful opening sequence of Mark Hartley’s narrative debut, PATRICK, deals in a time honored thriller trope.

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Fangoria Movie Review - Gravity

Based on the broadest definition of genre, Alfonso Cuarón’s astounding new film GRAVITY doesn’t cleanly qualify as horror.

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Unexpected Horror Sequels

For good or bad, these sequels took their franchises in a different, sometimes very strange direction… and we love them for it.
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Fangoria Movie Review - Oculus

Mike Flanagan’s debut picture ABSENTIA was something truly special: a quiet, slow burning indie horror film that betrayed its budgetary cramps at every turn and used an existing location&md

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