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Halloween in NYC part 2

After a few more similar stops at television stations, it was off to Fox News to do a national interview on their morning talk show, Fox & Friends.
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ATTN LA: 'Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood' at the New Bev 7/27!

I'd say one of the biggest hits of this year's Comic-Con had to be the Neca exclusive Jason Voorhees 8-bit action figure. And for those that remember the game from when it actually game out, the latest movie in the series that was out in theaters at the time was 'Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood,' hence the image of Kane Hodder as Jason on the front of the box.
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Denver High... No... Low

After our annoying visit to Georgia, it was off to Denver. I was excited because Colorado was one of only ten states that I hadn’t visited. We were doing another haunted house, which was getting a bit monotonous, but the fact that it was in a new state added to the excitement… for me at least.
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Holliston - Suicidal Tendencies Part 2 Clip

Things are looking up when their new leading man, Kane Hodder, convinces Scream Queen Danielle Harris to co-star in SHINPADS, but the horror diva seduces ailing Adam into giving her all his money

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