Mari - Kari - A Fate For The Dance

Mari is excited about the dance, but Kari knows that something is up. Kari pleads with Mari to skip the whole thing and reminds her of some of the recent incidents of hazing, etc.

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Mari - Kari - Hang This

Mari tries to join the decorating committee for the Sadie Hawkins dance, but the cool kids reject her.

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Mari - Kari - Unsafety Dance

Mari asks several boys to go to the dance with her. One by one, they all make fun of her – which saddens poor sweet Mari and pisses off nasty little Kari.

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Mari - Kari - She's Back...

Mari’s first day back since the recent “unpleasantness,” and the new kid sitting in Kari’s former desk finds out that – despite the fact that she’s dead &ndash

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