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Here's 2 Clips From 'Dexter' 806 "A Little Reflection"

Last night's episode of 'Dexter' was pretty darned intense! (Read Alyse's TV recap of "This Little Piggy" if you want a full play by play.) So what's to follow? Might Dexter (Michael C. Hall) have a new protegee? And what's up with Elway (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter)?
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'Dexter' 805 Clip - Not A Killer

In this clip from 'Dexter' Season 8 Episode 5 "This Little Piggy," Dexter is confronted by the son of a suspect. Airs Sunday, July 28th on Showtime.

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Check Out Bif Bang Pow's 'Dexter' Toys from Comic-Con!

This year at Comic-Con, there was a lot of fun stuff going down at the Entertainment Earth booth! For starters, 'Dexter' writer/producer Scott Reynolds hosted 2 live episodes of his official podcast for the series 'Dexter: Wrap-Up' with special guests Julie Benz and Aime Garcia & David Zayas.
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What's Eating 'Dexter' Morgan? 2 New Clips!

Curious what's up in next week's brand new episode of 'Dexter?' Showtime has released 2 new clips and a preview trailer for "What's Eating Dexter Morgan," the third episode of the 8th and final season. Be sure to catch up with Alyse's TV recap of this week's episode, check out the clips below and tune into Showtime July 14th!
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Next On Dexter - Preview Clip of 803

Next on 'Dexter,' we get a sneak peek at episode 803 "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?" Dexter continues his manhunt for the Brain Surgeon. Airs July 14th on Showtime.

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Dexter 803 Clip - DUI

In this clip from 'Dexter' episode 803 "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?" Debra gets arrested for being intoxicated behind the wheel. Airs Sunday July 14th on Showtime.

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