Night of the Living Dead

Great Films from First-Time Directors

The work of a first time director can be promising or dreadfully misguided. Sometimes, a director’s first film represents a good start to a promising career and other times, we are left scratching our heads and wondering how he or she will ever work again? Every once in a while, though, a first time director blows us out of the water with something totally original, bold, and completely brilliant.
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This Week In The Vault: Mike Mendez and Ryan Turek Commentary For 'The Crazies'

This week, we're unleashing an early cult classic from legendary director George A. Romero. That's right, it's the original 1973 version of 'The Crazies!' And this week's commentators are two of the most well versed horror minds working in the industry today. Director Mike Mendez ('Big Ass Spider,' 'The Gravedancers,' 'The Convent') is paired up with the managing editor of Shock Till You Drop Ryan Turek to talk all about Romero and 'The Crazies.'
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Seven of the Most Controversial Horror Films

We have highlighted seven films that were particularly contentious for audiences and censors alike. Most are from those dark days before the internet, but a few new troublemakers on this list, too.
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Romero's Living Dead

Now that October is well underway, it's time we engage in all forms of horror shenanigans, including but not limited to the Halloween season tradition of putting as many horror movies as possible in front of our eyeballs.
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FEARNET Comes To Flashback Weekend Chicago 8/9-11!

Celebrating it's 2nd decade as Chicago's largest and longest running Horror Convention, the Flashback Weekend returns to the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare in Rosemont, Illinois on August 9th-11th. And FEARnet will be there as a sponsor providing some cool goodies and swags to attendees (while supplies last).
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