Best of 2013: Unreleased Films

A few days ago we offered up our best horror films of 2013 -- although truth be told the list was written by me and I'm not the only horror freak at FEARnet -- but we thought it would be helpful to highlight some interesting horror movies on their way in 2014.
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FEARNET Movie Review: 'Patrick' (2013)

Presented as both an earnest homage to the original Patrick and a sweet love letter to the latter-era Hammer films, Mark Hartley's Patrick is nobody's idea of a "subtle" horror movie
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Fangoria Movie Review - Patrick

The suspenseful opening sequence of Mark Hartley’s narrative debut, PATRICK, deals in a time honored thriller trope.

fangoria - 09/19/2013 - 10:35pm - 0 comments
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