Rick Gonzalez

Reaper - Ashes to Ashes Clip

The devil dispatches Sam to do plumbing work for Mimi (Melinda Clarke) who, he discovers, is the devil's girlfriend; Mimi's daughter attracts Sam.

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Reaper - The Cop clip

Sock obsesses about Gladys, the DMV demon, after she makes questionable purchases at the Work Bench; Sam discovers that the devil is setting him up to take the rap for a murder the latest escaped

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Reaper - Leon clip

When Sam goes to the DMV to return the escaped soul, he discovers the demons take Halloween off; the devil, depressed by Halloween, gives Sam an extra-hard assignment to make himself feel better.

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Reaper - What About Blob? clip

Sam receives a copy of the contract his parents signed, but it is in Latin; the trio discovers that the latest escaped soul is the former head of a chemical company that dumped toxic waste.

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Reaper - Magic Clip

The devil sends Sam a new vessel box containing a dove to capture the latest escaped soul, a disgruntled magician who is killing people.

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Reaper - All Mine clip

Sam must capture the soul of an angry mistress who sends insects to attack anyone who gets near her former lover; at college, Andi meets a new guy, who encourages her to quit the Work Bench and g

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Reaper - Charged

Sam must use a remote-controlled monster truck to capture an escaped soul; Sam, Sock and Ben take down the angry soul who sucks energy from power lines for strength.

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Watch The 'Reaper' Reunion Special Now!

If you weren't able to catch the special 'Reaper' reunion on FEARnet, worry not! We've got you covered! The full length reunion special is now available on-line and you can watch it in its entirety below!
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Reaper - Pilot

Sam and his friends seek their first escaped soul, an arsonist who has returned in the form of a firefighter; Sam considers asking his co-worker Andi on a date.

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