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Sean Cunningham Talks' 'Freddy vs. Jason,' a New 'Friday the 13th' Film, and 'Crystal Lake Chronicles'

Legendary horror producer, writer, and director Sean Cunningham hasn’t produced anything since 2009’s Last House on the Left remake, but it doesn’t mean that he’s slowed down any. Not at all. Instead, he’s brimming with excitement as we connect over the phone on the heels of the Friday, September 13 release of Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection to discuss his thirty-three year old slasher series and his many upcoming projects.
Scott Neumyer - 09/13/2013 - 12:00pm - 0 comments

Trapped Ashes trailer

Seven strangers are given the same ultimatum: Tell us a scary story - or die. Four tales of terror directed by Sean S.

Rob Galluzzo - 10/18/2012 - 3:33pm - 0 comments
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