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This Is It! Clips From The Final Episode of 'Dexter'!

This is it. We've finally come to the very end. This Sunday, September 22nd, Showtime will air the series finale to their hit show 'Dexter.' And although you'll have to tune in to see how it all ends, for the time being we've got some clips from that final episode titled "Remember The Monsters?"
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Dexter 812 Clip - Storm's Coming

"Storm's Coming" - Clip from the Dexter series finale, Season 8 Episode 12 "Remember The Monsters?" airs Sunday September 22nd on Showtime.

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Here's 2 Clips From 'Dexter' 806 "A Little Reflection"

Last night's episode of 'Dexter' was pretty darned intense! (Read Alyse's TV recap of "This Little Piggy" if you want a full play by play.) So what's to follow? Might Dexter (Michael C. Hall) have a new protegee? And what's up with Elway (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter)?
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What's Eating 'Dexter' Morgan? 2 New Clips!

Curious what's up in next week's brand new episode of 'Dexter?' Showtime has released 2 new clips and a preview trailer for "What's Eating Dexter Morgan," the third episode of the 8th and final season. Be sure to catch up with Alyse's TV recap of this week's episode, check out the clips below and tune into Showtime July 14th!
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Saw VII - Trailer

A group of Jigsaw survivors try and deal with their experiences, aided by a self-help guru and fellow survivor.

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