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Video: Dead Right Horror Trivia "Halloween" Edition!

Earlier this year, FEARnet reported from the 3rd monthly 'Dead Right' Horror Trivia Night event live from the Jumpcut Cafe. Sponsored by Shock Till You Drop and Fangoria and hosted by Ryan Turek and Rebekah McKendry, this one night of the month has become the go-to celebration where enthusastic horror fans & peers go to test their knowledge of their beloved genre.
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Exclusive: Director Stuart Gordon Talks About Adapting 'Nevermore'

Director Stuart Gordon has worked with actor Jeffrey Combs since his first feature film, Re-Animator, in 1985. Since then, they have worked on nearly a dozen projects, many of them adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe stories. Their newest collaboration isn’t all that new: Nevermore. Based on the personal letters and journals of Poe, “Nevermore” started as a one-man stage play, directed by Gordon and starring Combs as Poe. Three years later, the pair want to turn the play into a film. We spoke with Stuart Gordon about his plans for the film adaptation.
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The Audacity Of Re-Animator

Most horror film fans would agree that Re-Animator, based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, is a standout entry in the mountain of horror movies released over the past few decades.
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Badass Digest Review - From Beyond

For a while on Horror Movie A Day I was doing a recurring feature called "Second Chances," where I'd revisit a film that readers felt I was way off on originally (either disliking s

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The Dentist - Trailer

Dr. Feinstein is the coolest dentist ever! His office is all tricked out with different theme rooms. It's really fun! That is, until he catches his wife with the pool boy. And he goes nuts.

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Did you hear about the dentist who caught his wife with another guy and went on a killing spree? They caught him and put him in a mental hospital. Unfortunately, he didn't stay there.

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