tales from the crypt

Tales From The Crypt - Split Second

Enraged about finding his wife with another man, Dixon beats the other man, Ted, until he is blind. The lumberjacks who work with Ted help him learn how to cut without sight.

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Tales From The Crypt - Undertaking Palor

A prank goes wrong when four high school boys break into a mortuary and find that the undertaker and pharmacist are conspiring to kill people and profit from their funerals.

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Tales From The Crypt - Dead Wait

Red Buckley is searching the Duvall plantation for a rare, valuable pearl. Just as Red is running away with the pearl he realizes that he is not the only one who wants it.

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Tales From The Crypt - Top Billing

Struggling actor, Barry, can never win roles because he does not have the "right look". Even though Barry knows the role of Hamlet perfectly he is not chosen for the part.

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