tales from the crypt

Tales From The Cryptkeeper - Game Over

Friends Vince and Buddy constantly ditch school to play the video game "Monster Attack". One day when the boys skip school to play this game, the game comes to life.

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Tales From The Crypt - The Trap

To make money after being fired, Lou organizes a way to fake his own death, take the insurance, and move to Brazil. The plan succeeds flawlessly except Lou's wife leaves him for his brother.

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Tales From The Crypt - Carrion Death

A police chase ends with the criminal, Earl, beating the cop in the middle of the desert. The two men are handcuffed together and fight until the cop dies.

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Tales From The Crypt - Loved To Death

Edward's love for Miranda is unrequited so he buys a love potion and gives it to her. The potion is too strong though and Miranda becomes irritatingly engrossed with Edward.

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Tales From The Cryptkeeper - Ghost Ship

In the dark of the night, rebellious teens Mike and Ben steal Ben's dad's boat. During their cruise, the boat sinks and the two boys are left floating on their boogie-boards.

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