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Reaper - Cancun Clip

A demon revolution targets Sam, leading to a shocking revelation that could have serious implications for his future.

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Reaper - Rebellion Clip

Steve and Tony want to exploit Sam's relationship with the Devil and trap him where other demons can destroy him; Ted asks Sock's permission to ask Josie out on a date, and, thinking she

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Reaper - Unseen Clip

After he gets kicked out of his house, Sock convinces Sam and Ben to move with him to a condo; strange things happen when Sam is around Cady, reigniting his suspicions that she is the devil's

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Reaper - Hungry for Fame Clip

Sam tries to stop an untalented musician from selling his soul to the devil to become a rock star; Sock's mother returns from Las Vegas and announces that she got married.

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Reaper - Cash Out Clip

Sam secretly begins dating Cady, even though he thinks she may be the devil's daughter; the latest escaped soul is a bank robber who tries to collect the cash he hid after his last heist.

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Reaper - The Cop clip

Sock obsesses about Gladys, the DMV demon, after she makes questionable purchases at the Work Bench; Sam discovers that the devil is setting him up to take the rap for a murder the latest escaped

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Watch The 'Reaper' Reunion Special Now!

If you weren't able to catch the special 'Reaper' reunion on FEARnet, worry not! We've got you covered! The full length reunion special is now available on-line and you can watch it in its entirety below!
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