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Frankenweenie – SD Comic-Con Homage

As a tribute to the classic horror films that inspired Tim Burton to make Frankenweenie, Disney has released a new Frankenweenie Homage trailer which was debuted exclusively at Comic-Con today.

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Frankenweenie – Tim Burton

FEARnet’s Joe McCabe speaks with director Tim Burton about his stop-motion adaptation of his 1984 live-action short film Frankenweenie. In theaters on October 5, 2012.

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Check Out Two Early Short Films from Tim Burton

Everyone knows about "Vincent," one of Tim Burton's earliest short films. But way before his 1982 short there was "Doctor of Doom," a 1979 film school project that looks like the evil offspring of an Ed Wood and David Lynch film.
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Tim Burton-esque Furniture By Designer Judson Beaumont

Canadian designer Judson Beaumont makes fantastical furniture. He is best known for his cabinets, especially his curvy, warped, and comic book-style cabinets. But what strikes me most about Beaumont's work is how much of it looks like it belongs in a Tim Burton movie.
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