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Danny Elfman to Play Music from Tim Burton’s Films Live

Composer Danny Elfman and Director Tim Burton have worked together on Burton’s films for over 25 years and now they plan to collaborate on a live performance. Next October, Elfman will sing live on stage for the first time in 18 years (remember kids, he was the front man for Oingo Boingo) accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra. Images from Burton’s films will provide backdrop for the event.
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'Frankenweenie' DVD DVD/Blu-ray Features New Sparky Short

Frankenweenie is out on DVD January 8 and features some neat new extras including a look behind-the-scenes at the set and props used in filming and an all-new original short, Captain Sparky vs. the Flying Saucers which has Sparky recruited into duty when an alien spacecraft begins attacking Earth.
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Fangoria Movie Review - Frankenweenie

It’s surprising to realize how much of the iconic Tim Burton’s career has been spent shepherding established properties to his own unique universe.

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Fangoria Movie Review - Dark Shadows

Tim Burton has remade everything from science-fiction favorites to children’s classics, but DARK SHADOWS marks the first time that he (or anyone in decades) has brought a TV soap opera to t

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