Horror Movie A Day Review - Warm Bodies

FEBRUARY 1, 2013GENRE: COMEDIC, ZOMBIE SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING)Since it sold like 8 million copies or something, I'm sure more than a couple of you own Live's "Throwing Copper" album,

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Gift Guide: Tasty! Crusty Zombie Toenails Snack

I almost can’t write the title of this gift without gagging. It sounds like something a big brother would make up to punish his younger siblings. “Shut up or I’ll make you eat crusty zombie toenails!”

The ingredients of these undead toenails are a bit of a mystery as is the process by which they are harvested but the seller assures us they are perfect for snacking. You know, come home, put your feet up, grab a beer and a bag of toenails.

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Fido trailer

Little Timmy's best pal Fido is a six-foot tall rotting zombie. In his alternate 50's universe, the zombie servant class is controlled by electronic dog collars.

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